Deathboot - You Scream In Pain When I crash Your Balls - [R.A.H.W. Production]

What can you say about an album that has 12 tracks, lasts 18.29 minutes, and isnít exactly a grind-core album? It's just plainly insane. Insane would be probably the right term to use in relation with this band, taking the queue from such stalwarts as Entombed, the band creates a crushing combination of 80's grind/death metal, with the stoner and sludge inclinations of Entombed, which are immediately brought to mind when the band's vocalist, Billing, starts to shout.

The sound is pretty good, good and clear without sounding overly so, but the volume is a bit low, I have to maintain that the band also has some roots firmly in early punk and hardcore, mostly the same 80's kind of such that influenced bands such as Napalm Death when they started out, the kind that current bands like the UK's Mistress still create.

To put this mildly, this band is one of the most violent ones I've had the pleasure of encountering, short songs that hit you like a bullet to the head, good musicianship from all involved, even down to some quick melodic lead guitar work, and a fine performance by the vocalist, all of that, tied with the sometimes hilarious, sometimes obscene lyrical content of the album, makes this a hard-hitting death-core album, which does not overstay its welcome, but rather lets loose in a few short bursts of aggression, and then goes away, and that's probably the best way to do this kind of music.

Alon Miasnikov

/ Alternative Zine