Deathboot - You Scream In Pain When I Crush Your Balls

Reviewed by AJ Blisten in 2005

DEATHBOOT from Sweden is not the most brutal, typical or obscure grind-core band around.

The bandís debut CD is an EP lasting for a little more than 18 minutes scattered i nto 12 short and energetic songs with a lot of dirty darkened guitar groove and sickening hog like grunting paired with a more normal vocal variety reminiscent of Entombed.

Yes, I like this album and it seems that Iíll never stop enjoying the musical insanity of grind-core. DEATH BOOT is not of the most extreme bands in the grind-core genre and the band's songs is not the best Iíve heard and the same goes for the low budget production. But there is this somewhat indefinable [i]something[/i] about DEATHBOOT I like and enjoy when I listen to their music. Is it the groovy rawness, the sound, the vocals or perhaps the toying with bass in a couple of the songs? Well, I donít know exactly. No matter what it is, ďYou Scream In Pain When I Crush Your BallsĒ is a promising and a good start for this band and Iím sure weíre going to here a lot more from them in near future. Good stuff, but DEATBOOT still have some work to do before I agree to put them in the same league as Nasum (RIP) and Regurgitate...

Rating: 6/10

/ Beat the Blizzard