Deathboot started in the spring of 1999 as a successfull attempt to make music history. After fooling around with different instruments (especially the ones they actually could handle at the time, i.e. not the ones they play today) for a while, just the good (Billing), the bad (Wendel) and the ugly (Viktor) were left.

Deathboot was supposed to play a mix of various sources of brutality, due to the fact that Billing and Viktor were punks and Wendel a death metal-freak. This quickly fell apart, for odd reasons. Viktor and Billing also felt that they wanted to play more crust than metal, so they asked Wendel if he also was fond of that idea. Since Wendel is devoted to everything distorted and fast, he was of course. They just had to find a new bassplayer, and hence kidnapped Ludde.

The Deathboot line-up became:

Billing - Vocals
Wendel - Guitar
Ludde - Bass
Viktor - Drums

Between the years 2000 and 2004 some demos were recorded, some shows were played, some b÷cklingpastej was eaten, and evolution paid it's tribute to Deathboot. The guitars got down-tuned, the crust became grindcore, the slow parts became fast, the fast parts became faster, and here we go again on a 747: It's now 2005, and grindcore fanatics all over the world are selling their souls to get a taste of the poison known as "You Scream In Pain When I Crush Your Balls", released on RAHW Production.