Clint Eastwood
(Music by Wendel & Viktor, Lyrics by Billing)

The good, the bad, the ugly too...
I smoke cigars, who the fuck are you???
With my evil stare I'll make you run!
I'll fuck your wife, just for fun!

Cadillac '59 - that's my car
A hundred years ago feather and tar
was what you got when you crossed my way
Go ahead punk, make my day!

Hey you punk, are you feeling hot?
In my gun there may or may not
be a bullet left, do you dare to guess?
If you're wrong there'll be a mess...

Clint Eastwood!

If steel is hard, then what is he?
Tougher guy there will not be!
Whiskey is water, cigars are fresh air...
Bad guys are breakfast, anytime, anywhere!!!

Ode to Oranjeboom
(Music by Viktor & Ludde, Lyrics by Viktor)

An Oranjeboom in my hand and 23 on my back
Ready to put my liver in a backpack
A lot of booze, ready to get drunk
but suddenly my alco-love to zero sunk...

I saw a pussy sitting drinking beer
What the hell was he doing here?
Beer is for one person and that is me
I wanted him to pray on his knees

I couldn't understand how he could be so bad
A tear in my eye, I was feeling sad
Beer is for hardrockers and people who are cool
This punk at best could be called a fool

I had a plan, prepare to die
"Here's a beer I think you should try"
He poured them all 23 down his throat
Too much beer for this hardrock joke

My plan had worked, now he's dead
He couldn't stand the beers I gave him instead
of that shit he used to buy at the gas-station
Oranjeboom and sissies is a bad combination

Under the Bass
(Lyrics by Mr. Bass)

(Lyrics not available)