FINALLY! I've been waiting for this little baby to get released for a couple of years now. I even told Wendel (guitar) I'd do it myself just to get it out there, but that never catched his fancy. I've been a fan of this band since I got my hands on their two demos, Deathboot and In Käng We Crust, back in the days when Deathboot was nothing more than a mere crust band. But after that they released a couple of great grind demos. And these songs are taken from those demos, though re-recorded.

Raging, pummelling fucking grindcore. SOD has always been a clear influence, at least in the past. This stuff is not your ordinary grind; it's so much more. Heavy riffing, outstanding at times. Great drumming and excellent murky vocals, really standing out of the crowd. The lyrics are fucking hysterical. Such fucking well-written morbid tales, always with a humorous edge. So it's fucking too bad they're not included! It's bloody difficult to describe the music of Deathboot. It's without a doubt kick-ass, and sure-as-hell something you have to experience for yourself! 9/10

/ My Last Chapter